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Okay, I'm a new Dish Network customer and I'm so freaking [email protected]@ed off right now I can't see straight. Here's the situation:

One of the main drivers for me switching to DN was the ability to get SportsSouth (channel 437). So I signed up for the Top 250 plan and got everything installed in the last few days.

Tonight I decided to check out SportsSouth and was surprised to see it was not showing up in the guide. I figured it was a simple oversight so I called DN to get it corrected.

You can imagine my surprise when the CSR told me "oh that's a regional sports network so it's not available in your area". :mad:

Did Dish bother telling me this before I signed up? NOPE! Can you say "misleading advertising"? Like I said, I'm so freaking mad about this that I'm about ready to let my state's Attorney General know about deceptive advertising practices.


- Am I offbase or is my anger justified? (I don't believe you'll see anything mentioned on the DN website about possibly not receiving certain channels.)

- Does Dish have a 30 day money back policy or anything similar?

- What should I do? Anything? Should I just bend over and take it like a man?



Extremely PO-ed in the Midwest

---- Added -------

By the way, the following is from their website:

Network: SportSouth

Channel Name: SPSOU

Category: SPORTS

Description: SportSouth is a regional sports network catering to the Southern sports fan by delivering quality coverage of their favorite local teams. SportSouth takes viewers closer to local sports personalities by providing behind-the-scenes access and engaging stories from around the region. In addition to original sports programming, SportSouth also delivers live events and games.





Available in:


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When you check the local channel qualifier, Dish's website lists the rsn's you will get. It may be an oversight, but did you specifically ask Dish if you would received this channel? Also, the "Favorite Local Teams" should have been a clue that you would not get since the South is not in the Midwest. You can subscribe to what Dish calls the MultiSports package and you will receive Sports South, however if you are wanting the channel for their pro sports teams, the live games and maybe the replays will be blacked out for you. There are numerous posts on this site regarding both subjects, more homework may have been necessary on your part. Of course the big kicker would be found in the fine print: "programing is subject to change".

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add the multi sports pack for 5 dollars,, you will then get this channels but most prosports will be blacked out. If you are looking for college games you will most likely gets them. for your 5 dollars you will get ALL rsn's.

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Sorry but few subscribers have any sympathy for people that don't do their homework. Information on RSNs isn't hidden but you do have to be able to read. Also buying from an 800# isn't the best method of getting information, they are more interested in making the sale than in giving all the information.

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What is your zip code? That is what is used to determine what RSN(s) you will get 'in the clear'.

It's NOT Dish that blacks out the Pro sports, it's MLB, NBA and NHL that "sliced up" the country into regions (MANY moons ago) and put the blackouts in place. It's all based on your zip code. Mine is 30043; I get FSN South and SportsSouth in the clear and nothing else.

The Multi Sports Pack (MSP) is not for everyone (only you can make that decision) and was never intended to be a cheaper priced "MLB EI, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, ..." replacement. Nobody would order the higher-priced packages if the MSP provided all that programming for $5.99 per month.

The info hasn't been updated in awhile, but it will give you an idea of what you DO get with the MSP:


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I see why it can be confusing, since Dish prints the SportSouth logo on all their national ads, but not other regional RSNs. It's a hold over from when the network was Turner South, a regional entertainment network.

If you look carefully there is an annotation that mentions that it's only avaliable regionally, mostly in the Braves six-state tv territory.
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