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My install time was yesterday between 8am & 12pm. The installer called at 8:45 and said he was a ½ hr away. Well he showed up at 9:20, which is right on time to me. He was a very pleasant and courteous installer even though he had to only mount my dish since I pre installed everything else. Boy was he happy when he saw how I neatly installed everything already. He said mine was the best self-install he has ever seen. I still gave him a tip to go buy lunch since he had a great attitude when he first got out of his truck before he new what was already done. He also gave me his cell number and said to call anytime I have a problem. Just wanted to say I had a great experience with Michigan Microtech.

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Great pics!

How many feet of cable do you have between the Dish and a multi-switch and/or IRD?
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