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Improved PQ on Dishnetwork

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Is it just me or has the picture really improved this week on channels like SiFi and super stations?

I have not seen any updates on lynsat.com about them moving channels around to lower compression. Only things I can think of are a new compression upgrade or reallocation of bits between stations on the same transponders.

Or perhaps it is simply me getting used to the downgrade of quality now. If I look closely I can still see compression artifacts, they just are not slapping me in the face like they were a few days ago.

Anyone else noticed the difference?
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The compression goes up.
The compression goes down.

Superstations are looking good. The Portland locals look better than Showtime right now. I guess there's not much on the pacific northwest pot.
gah. My Pittsburgh locals are looking worse than ever. . . :(
It's there new aliance software that does not work. Go figure...
Gotta say, TMC PQ Sucks big time. Tried to watch Top Gun last night and the pixelization was so bad I gave up. If this doesn't improve soon, I'll go to Digital Cable. Had a special @$5.00/mo for 3 mos. Digitial + HBO+Showtime. While I had the box, the PQ was much better on Digital Cable. Furthermore, DD 5.1 on all Showtime, TMC & Encore chans.
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