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In Win 7 can't install printer driver

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I have a Win 7 Home desktop. Have had it for a couple of years. I have an all-in-one HP C6380 printer/fax/scanner.
It always has seemed to lose itself, i.e. become disconnected. Now I get error messages that say the driver is not installed. Device manager says it's not installed.

I ran the HP Printer Wizard and it said the drivers were disabled. It tries to enable and then restarts the wizard without the driver getting enabled.

I've downloaded the full driver and software suite several times and tried to install. If I try the 'connect with USB' it hangs after usb is connected as if it can't find the printer. When I try to use the wireless, it can't find the printer on the network. I can connect the printer to the network from the printer control screen easily. I get a message on the PC that TDP ports and a UDP port need to be unblocked. I opened those ports and only one was recognized as open by the printer install software.

I've tried the generic 'add a printer' but the printer doesn't show up in the Windows driver list (even after update)

What's stupid is that the printer shows up in my printer list!

Anyone have thoughts for a remedy?
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Make sure the printer isn't USB connected while installing the drivers until the installation instructions explicitly demand it. If it is connected, the system can't remove and replace the drivers as it may need to do.
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