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Fancydog said:
So my 722 has been working flawlessly. The other day (12-23?-11) I noticed that some of the channels were showing the dreaded NO INFO AVAILABLE in the guide, so I did a hard reboot and it downloaded new info. All is well, or so I thought.
Now, all my timers are still in the timer list, but none of the shows are
marked in the guide, and none of them are recording. If I go to my
recordings, schedule, timers, all the timers are there, and they show if
they will be recorded or not (repeats, already in DVR, not a new episode),
but none of them show up at all in the guide as timer events, and the timers
do not fire. The timer schedule page for each timer is blank.
Anybody else having problems?
Can you please send me your account information so I can get this issue reported as quickly as possible? Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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