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Incredible Hype (BS)

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I'm looking for a small, cheap ~20" SD 4:3 LCD Flat-panel TV for a second bedroom. I found a
set that suits my needs at Walmart online, but when I read the description and specs, I couldn't
believe the amount of misinformation, BS and outright lies that they used to describe this set.

Here's an edited version of the tv's description, with some of the most glaring lies highlighted.
To add to my incredulity, the description on Walmart's website (linked below) indicates that the
technical specs are supplied by C|Net, of all things! Like most of you I can cut through the BS,
but how confusing must these misleading statements be to the average tv shopper?

With all the inherent confusion about HDTV, Shame on you Walmart for misleading adding to
your customers' bewilderment, and shame on C|Net for being a party to this charade.

Keep in mind that the "specs" excerpted below are for a run-of-the-mill standard-definition tv set.
Key Features & Benefits:
• SD: The standard definition you're "accustomed to"
• 20" LCD: Ideal size for a second TV almost anywhere in the home
• 800x600 resolution - High resolution
• NTSC tuner: Your standard (N stands for Normal) TV tuner
• PC input - use this TV as a large...computer monitor
• HDMI input: High Def Multi-Media Interface - provides a connection including HD TVs.
• HDMI: No
• Progressive Scan: Progressive scanning (line doubling)
• Resolution: 800 x 600
• TV Type: High Definition monitor
• HDTV Ready: Yes
• Supported DTV Resolutions: ... 720p, 1080i ...
• 16:9 Mode: Yes

What a load of crap, Walmart! :bad_nono:
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Wal-Mart is probably ignorant of what the specs mean.

They are now selling some good HDTVs (Panasonic, Sony, Samsung) but there is no one to guide the buyer away from the Ilos.

I suspect they carry the higher-quality brands just to sucker us in, because they usually only have one or two models of each brand, and they're not any cheaper than BB or CC.
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