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Info for novices?

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I've been an E* sub for a couple years now. I got started when the model 7200 was new. My current equipment is the following:

2x SW21 switches (only one of them in use)
Model 7200 dishplayer

I'm currently subbed to top100 and PTV. I'm a bit tired of paying $10 a month for PTV when I could potentially upgrade to one of the new PVRs and have it pay for itself in a few months from the savings I'd get from no more PTV charges.

BUT, I'm a little bit lost when it comes to understanding all the newer terminology (DishPRO, Quad LNB, SW64, etc.). That makes it tough to decide where I should go from here. I am thinking about possibly upgrading to the 721, and would possibly like to add a second receiver in the future, but it depends on how much equipment and installation it will require...

Anyway, E* doesn't even list the 721 on their website so it is very unclear as to how I would have to proceed. I need this info to decide what upgrades make the most sense for my use and budget.

Can anyone point me to a good reference that clearly explains all the options and requirements for the newer equipment? Other than that, I'd appreciate any advice you might have!
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The thing is that most people dont have the money up front to shell out for the extra cost of a Dish PVR to save the $10 a month to make up for the cost of the receiver. Dish probably decided to not give an option to pay for the PVR feature each month for a discount on the equipment because a lot of people would not activate the PVR function therefore the company would not get their money back and make a profit off of the hardware.
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