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INHD, INHD2 to Become One
11/3/2006 4:52:00 PM

In Demand may try to put a magic spell on its HD networks.

The supplier of pay-per-view and on-demand programming decided to merge its two HD channels, INHD and INHD2, into one Jan. 1, president Rob Jacobson said. That would, he added, create a best-of HD service.

Some cable operators already dropped INHD2, which shows some exclusive IMAX movies and concert events that will shift over to INHD.

What will the new channel be called? That will be announced "sometime next year," Jacobson said. But there's a "pretty good likelihood" that INHD will be renamed Mojo. That's the name given to blocks of original HD programming that currently run from 9 p.m.-midnight Wednesdays and Sundays, featuring such shows as Wall Street Warriors, Dr. Danger, After Hours with Daniel and London Live.

In Demand is looking at adding a third night of original shows and possibly a fourth of Mojo before it changes the name of the service itself, Jacobson said.


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This is really sad. The video-game generation has taken over. Maybe they'll christen
the new channel for their namesake movie and call it the "Dumb & Dumber" channel!

Are the networks being run by a bunch of clueless, adolescent numbnuts or what?

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INHD is a good channel for sports fans. I have it on cable and could not give it up. There are hi def game feeds not otherwise available to Dish network subscribers.

It has Versus ice hockey, three Major League baseball games a week, including
about two games a month of CSN Philadelphia high def feeds, and NBATV
high def feeds that Dish has not shown since the 2004-05 season. I always check
to see what hi def game feed is on.
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