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I'm guessing this is your blog. That's cool... and I appreciate the humor involved.

However, there is a reason that people use professional tools. I was especially concerned about your section on cabling. Satellite distribution uses a lot more bandwidth than off-air and it's critical that you properly prepare and assemble compression connections.

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Rich said:
I didn't find it useful. Hope you did that for a laugh.

You know you're right, the nature of the article isn't useful on regular basis. (At least I hope not!) I guess that was the wrong question to ask. Maybe it will spark someone's creativity...

Thanks for the feedback!

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the article is funny but not very useful at best.....

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bigglebowski said:
That was my first thought. My favorite part was:

"while you may have luck using a splitter in the place of a barrel connector, it almost never works properly but feel free to try and see what happens"
Everyone knows that you need to use two splitters back to back for it to work. ;).

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