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Install/Switch Question

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I'm new, I seached, can't seem to find my specific case (if there is such a thing)
The thing I'm trying to figure out is, currently we use a terk bms-58 to split the signal (old dish), I know this will not split the signal for the 5LNB AU9 Dish. What I want to figure out is, the 5LNB AU9 dish has 4 outputs. Can I can hook 2 lines from the dish directly into HR22 (I know this will be fine) then use the other two cables from the output, plug them into the terk bms-58 and split the signal for 3 other tv's (non-hd r15 units)
Thanks in advance
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Dont do it. Use the approved switch. I go to service calls all the time were someone does something similar with a 3x4. They get searching for sat on the HD receiver when the non-hd receivers are on. There is a switch built into your dish and when you add a non approved switch it messes with the built in one.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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