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Installation Help DISH 625 and two 322's

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I have two rooms running off of a Dish 625, the other two rooms run from a Dish 322. I want to add a new 322 I just bought to a fifth tv in another room. Just to run one TV. From my satellite there are two cables, so I tried to split that with a standard splitter and ran one single cable to my new 322. Does not work, I am completely confused by satellite installations. I am a handyman of sorts and do not want to pay an installer, I want to know how to do it myself. Can anyone help?:confused:
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shadowray said:
I found a couple of DPP44's, do I need a power inserter with it? what does it do for me?
A DPP44 with power inserter will take up to four inputs and give you four DishPro Plus outputs. Your other option is two DP34s and double cabling to everything.

Self installing is overrated.
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