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Installation Help DISH 625 and two 322's

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I have two rooms running off of a Dish 625, the other two rooms run from a Dish 322. I want to add a new 322 I just bought to a fifth tv in another room. Just to run one TV. From my satellite there are two cables, so I tried to split that with a standard splitter and ran one single cable to my new 322. Does not work, I am completely confused by satellite installations. I am a handyman of sorts and do not want to pay an installer, I want to know how to do it myself. Can anyone help?:confused:
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The LNB only has two outputs. I will have to buy the DPP44 switch. Where is the best place to find this switch? One other question...on one of the lines going from the LNB it has a DPD2 filter (dcpass) that has a 3 way labeled in/out, sat, uhf/vhf. one of the cables from the LNB go to the sat side then the other two go under the house, along with the other cable coming from the LNB. I am just wondering what does that 3 way do? I am just trying to understand the system set up. Thank you very much for the other information about the DPP44, that really helps. Thank you..
I found a couple of DPP44's, do I need a power inserter with it? what does it do for me?
Thank you for the information...I would call an installer for a large job, I just figured adding one more receiver to my existing system wouldn't be that hard, I may be wrong. I just really really enjoy trying to do it myself, I like to learn along the way, if I could do this sort of stuff everyday I would enjoy it. Thanks again..
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