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I am finishing the media room....I have a wall that is going to have 3 LCD's mounted....Currently I have 1 HDTV run from my dish (side car) that is going to the bedroom...I need to know what I need to be able to have 3 additional receivers for these 3 tv's ...Thanks....

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Wow, 3 LCDs in one room! That should be impressive. Make sure to post some pictures when you are done!

Now onto the installation side of things, your options are as follows (you might also want to tell us what you are thinking for receivers...SD, SD-DVR, HD, HD-DVR?):

O1: Multiswitches and 2 cables to each DVR or 1 cable to each standard receiver (HD or SD).

For this you would need to have 4 runs coming from your dish going into a multiswitch such as the WB68 (http://www.solidsignal.com/prod_display.asp?main_cat=02&CAT=&PROD=WB68). This will then give you 8 outputs which you will run to the receivers (2 for each DVR, 1 for each non-DVR receiver).

02: SWM-8 and only 1 cable to each receiver.

The SWM is a new technology Directv is rolling out that will allow you to have the 4 outputs from your dish go to the SWM-8 module, then one line will go from there into the house and can be split with cable splitters to go to each receiver. Each receiver only requires 1 cable run DVR or non-DVR and you can have a maximum of 8 tuners (DVR = 2 tuners, non-DVR = 1 tuner).

The main advantage with the SWM is that you can use splitters so for example you could run 1 cable into the media room, then put a splitter on it to split it out to the 3 receivers instead of having to run all separate cables to the receiver.

SWM-8 Module Link:

Note that O1 is most likely what Directv would install right now for you if you have them come out and do the installation. SWM technology is just starting to be rolled out to installers and for consumers they use the SWMLine LNB for the Slimline dish instead of the SWM-8 module (both do the same thing, the SWMLine LNB is just integrated into the Slimline dish LNB assembly).
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