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I received e-mail today from Installation Pro, which states:

A small adjustment to our payment schedule helps to secure our position within the marketplace. Our ability to attract new business ensures the continuance of what we feel to be a profitable relationship between InstallationPro, Inc. and you, our contractors.
During the next couple of weeks we will be mailing each installation contractor a copy of the updated Exhibit A, documenting the changes in our pay scale. Returning a copy of the document to InstallationPro, Inc. will not be necessary.

Sounds like to me they are planning to cut the pay scale.

I don't care who you are, what you do or how busy you are, you need to call I.pro today and tell them, NO. We have had enough. The cost of business keeps going up, the demands on providing a quality installation keeps going up and all we want is to at least keep what we have.
Ladies and Gentleman, this is a fight for our ability to survive. This adjustment will only add to the continual decline of the quality of life for fulfillment technicians.

Even if you do not have an account with I.Pro but your boss does, this will affect you. CALL.

Please call your I.Pro account rep NOW, not later, not Monday,

Ask them "What skill is there in being the cheapest?"

Todd Humphrey
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