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I did a quick search, but found most answers are above my primitive understanding of a directtv installation.

So with that said, I looking for some answers regarding the requirements for wiring a town home for 4 total recievers, 1 being a hd-dvr.
But before going any farther then that, let me explain the current wiring configuration since it is a town home (not on the end).

Currently there are 2 coax cable lines entering the house from the back going to the main splitter located on the first floor, which is located in the closet (central location of the 1st floor). From there the line is split to all 4 rooms. With 1 currently being inactive.

Now, what I want to do is, in the living room I intend on putting the hd-dvr, which happens to be next to the back of the house, so I don't think running an extra cable will be that difficult. Where the remaining rooms will just have a standard tuner.

But I guess my real question lies on whether or not I'm gonna need both lines going into the house, or can I use 1 (of the lines going to the central splitter) for direct tv, and the other for roadrunner? Or do I even have enough lines running into the splitter? I don't want to do dsl due to the added cost of the standard phone line, which happens to be as much as I pay for voip.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A call to the sales department led to some misinformation.
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Welcome to DBSTalk! :welcome_s

If you are getting an HD DVR, you would also need the AT9 (5LNB) dish to get the HD signals. With 4 total receivers and one being a DVR, you would have 5 total inputs (the DVR has two satellite inputs to allow for dual recording or record one/watch another capabilites).

The AT9 dish has four outputs, and you would need to run all four leads to your central location. Those four leads from the dish would then be connected to a Zinwell WB68 multi-switch (you cannot really use splitters with satellite for this type of configuration). It is critical to use all four leads from the dish if you have to feed four or more inputs.

You would then need two lines run from the central point on the first floor to the living room for the DVR. You should be able to use the existing single-run cables to the other rooms where you will just have a receiver (assuming those cables are RG6).

As you will need additional lines run into the house from the dish, you should most certainly be able to use one of the existing lines for roadrunner. The HD DVR also has an input for an Over-the Air tuner (though the one on the HR20 - which is what I'm assuming you would be getting at this point - isn't active yet, but should be in December if things go according to plan at D*). If you can get local signals with an OTA antenna, you may want look at having that done at the same time.

Good luck, sir!
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You might get better answers (or any answers) in the Dish area rather than the DirecTv area.
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