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Installation using existing dish and wiring+

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I recently moved to a home that already had the dish installed on the roof. From what I understand, it is the 5LNB slimline. The information on the sticker says Andrew DirecTV Multi-Satellite Ka/Ku LNB 99/101/103/110/119 reception. Built-in multi-switch with 4 outputs compatible with all slimline dish antennas.... Lot No. 07-06-06 CCS6610. The dish has four wires coming down and then connected to wiring in the home using barrels. When I connect my receiver, it doesn't connect, so I attempt to change the dish type to Slimline-5 and the switch type to multiswitch. At my previous residences I have hooked everything up on my own, and it seemed to have worked, but these all used the SWM system. I originally tried using the SWM here, but from what I understand, I don't need it, so essentially the cable comes from the dish, to a barrel, and then to the receiver. I am currently trying to connect the H23-600, but will eventually be also connecting the HR24-100. Am I doing something wrong?
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You moved. Won't DirecTV get you up and running again for free?

If not, why not go to eBay and get a SWM SL5, an eight port green label splitter and a 21v PI (power inserter)?

Simple diagram including DECA/MRV and Internet connection:

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