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Installation using existing dish and wiring+

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I recently moved to a home that already had the dish installed on the roof. From what I understand, it is the 5LNB slimline. The information on the sticker says Andrew DirecTV Multi-Satellite Ka/Ku LNB 99/101/103/110/119 reception. Built-in multi-switch with 4 outputs compatible with all slimline dish antennas.... Lot No. 07-06-06 CCS6610. The dish has four wires coming down and then connected to wiring in the home using barrels. When I connect my receiver, it doesn't connect, so I attempt to change the dish type to Slimline-5 and the switch type to multiswitch. At my previous residences I have hooked everything up on my own, and it seemed to have worked, but these all used the SWM system. I originally tried using the SWM here, but from what I understand, I don't need it, so essentially the cable comes from the dish, to a barrel, and then to the receiver. I am currently trying to connect the H23-600, but will eventually be also connecting the HR24-100. Am I doing something wrong?
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The switch type needs to be "multiswitch". Then you can select the dish type, which you already know.

Yes, you'll need B-Band converters on both ports on the HR24. You'll also need two lines going to each DVR if you want to record one show while watching another. SWM systems run both tuners on one line.
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