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Installed AM-21 today...WOW!!!

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We had an OTA antenna hooked up to our HR20 and sometimes we could pick stuff up and sometimes we couldn't.

With the AM-21 coupled with the HR-21 recviever we get the local channels and they look great. Thanks to those of you that turned me on to the AM-21.

Thanks, Rob
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The AM21 is awesome, I love mine. Gets 100s on almost every channel and I am quite a ways out with poor reception usually on a few channels ;)
While the AM21 may, and probably does, use a modern tuner that is technically superior to some other, earlier models. I should point out that the 0-100% scales are the results of signal quality analysis algorithms that vary from one product to another.
True, but it does do a very good job as well, it picks up some fringe stations clearly that some of the cheaper tuners in the house have a hard time with.

My Samsung TV also has an insane tuner in it as well, so it is about on par with the AM21.
Yep the AM-21 rocks. With the tuner in my old 10-250 I needed to use a rotor. No longer needed with the AM-21. One less piece of equipment to fool with.
I forgot to mention, the OTA antenna is the one Direct tv sold back in 2002.
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