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Installed Today

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Well, we got everything set up today. I've even set up a few recordings using DirecTV.com. We are off to a bit of a rough start - I called on Sunday and confirmed that Lexington, KY has access to HD network stations. Of course I realized that was incorrect information after the install took place. I have already emailed two of my local stations and Direct. Then, the installer tried to charge me for the install which according to my bill, was included. He kept saying that since he ran wire(?) there was a charge. I assume you have to run wire to install. Anywho, he left without any payment, leaving me installed and I'm going to pursue it with DirecTV.

I signed up for the NFL GameDay pack so I'll have all the football and premium channels I can stomach for the next four months. I've been reading these boards all day (was I supposed to be working? :) ) and plan on stopping by frequently.
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Welcome to DBSTalk! Enjoy all the glorious HD:)
An initial install should include “running wire”, but that typically includes only drilling holes through outside walls to get the cable to the receiver. If the installer had to “fish” any wire through exterior walls or run wire under a crawl space or through an attic and then fish through walls, that would be extra. The installer should have covered this with you before doing the work. Some installers will go the extra mile and do some simple attic or crawl-space work for free, but if they end up having to cut-in boxes and wall plates, that’s definitely extra-charge.

As for not having local HD, try an OTA antenna. Even if you might not get good reception for SDTV locals, the HD channels often come in much better. If you have an HR20, it has inputs and tuners for OTA HD and can integrate the channels into your guide and record them just like satellite channels. IF you have an HR21, you’ll need an AM21 module for this capability. They can be bought form D* for $50, or, you might ask and see if they will give you one since you were told you’d have HD locals.
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