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Installer here - Need help quick

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Going through the installation procedure - satellite setup - error message shows sat 119 failed, even though I am getting 95 signal strength in 119. Installer doesn't think this is normal (nor do I - when is a 'failed' message normal?) - but doesn't know what to do next. BTW - he had another HR20 in truck - swapped with same result.

How can I test programming from 119 sat?
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I believe ch. 490-494 are test channels, 492 and 493 are for 119 sat.
Also, your HR20 can show signal readings on each satellite and transponder. What does it show for the 119-deg satellite?

Your installer should try ....
* bypass the multiswitch (if he installed one) and connect the dish's outputs directly to your DVR
* doublecheck his connections between the two LNB assemblies on the AT9 dish
* doublecheck that nothing is blocking the dish's view of the 119-deg satellite
Thanks for the responses. Good suggestions. I checked and sure enough one (even or odd - I can't recall) half of the 119 sat transponders were inop. Looks like he had one bad cable end - on the input side of the multi-switch.

Thanks again
Yep, that would do it. Is it working now?
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