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imjustdave said:
Again I want to thank everyone here for the fast help... AKA the install is driving here right now...

So to recap now that I'm on a real computer.

I ordered a
HR34 5 tuners
HR24 2 tuners
h2X 1 tuner
Cinema kit

so to me that is 8 total, 8 SWM would be plenty.

They "installer" told me that the Cinema kit will take up a tuner on the SWM.. so I would need an upgrade to the 16 for 400....

So If I understand everyone here, the Cinema kit just plugs into the GR6 and Cat5 to provide all the box access to the internet via the RG6... So the Cinema kit is basically a glorified router-gateway box and doesn't need to take up any of the tuners on the SWM
Yup. You should be good to go. And if they use a wireless CCK and put it in-line to one of your receivers it won't even use up a port on the splitter.

- Merg
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