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runner861 said:
Does anyone know if there is any integrated receiver that can receive simultaneously Dish, Direct, cable, and OTA? I am thinking about something where the user can switch channels and switch seamlessly between those four services. It seems like I recall a few years ago that Zenith was selling televisions with built-in DirectTV and OTA and cable receivers, but that has been a few years and I never explored the issue at that time.
There are no STB receivers that incoporate more then 1 provider in terms of satellite and or cable programming.

There are current receivers that incoporate OTA as well as either dishnetwork OR DirecTV programming simultaneously (with the addition of an OTA module).

There are also several discontinued units such as the SatGo which incoporates a 17" LCD TV with a portable DirecTV receiver or the Humax LD2060 20" LCD with incoporated DirecTV receiver; but again those have been discontinued for a while. (Still available though as used and with "owned" status if you look hard enough).....
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