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Interface options

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I've developed web apps for numerous other components (not A/V) that have an API.

Is there any possibility of the 722 having an API we can hook into and write a front end web interface? I know we have broadband access and I'm assuing I could SSH into the box.

I couldn't find any info on this.
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Dish does not offer any external API to develop applications for. They are currently working on a Web Scheduling interface that went through field trial (Some members here participated). There is no new info on this feature after the field trial so it is hard to say when it will be released if ever.

Nope.. it is a closed system and talk about how to get into it I believe would wonder into hack talk and we don't allow that on the site.
I figured I was SOL, but it can't hurt to ask. I'd LOVe to be able to write a front end for this. Since it's taking so terribly long to get a front end out of E*

Thanks for the response.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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