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Intermittant Pixelation on H21-200

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My parents have been having pixelation problems for a couple of days on their H21-200. I have been here today and looked at their signal strengths when it was happenning and saw no issues.

They have two other receivers (R-15) that work fine when all this is going on. I checked the cables and they are all tight. I have ordered a couple of BBCs for them just in case that would be the issue.

I haven't swapped receivers yet but may have to try that if a new BBC doesn't work. I have also done RBRs which does not help. Any other ideas anyone can think of?
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What are those signal strengths? (post them here so someone can get a better understanding)
You're on the right track. If the problem is on SD channels you might try swapping the R15 into the H21's spot and seeing if the problem reoccurs.
Barry, all signals are above 85 when appropriate.

Stuart, They see it on SD and HD channels.

Thanks for your help! Wanted to make sure I was on the right track. I'll see what happens with a new bbc.
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