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Intermittent pixilation

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I have a tech that has me scratching my head. Might be just because I've been staring at the problem to long, but I'm out of things to check. Intermittent pixilation on random channels at random times. My suspicions at this point are some kind of static discharge.. Here is the scenario:

82' Perfect Vision from LNB to the back of the HR24-500
Samsung 7k series
3 prong, dual gang outlet (no powerstrip)
PI is before the splitter ( did splitting it out of the leg)

IRD is 1 week old, was formally HR24-100 (same issue)
new LNB (different batch)
New coax
New PI
New Splitter
tried different circuits
unplugged almost every appliance in the house
Removed ground
No Deca BB, or CCK-W
No Voltage from Coax to outlet Ground
No Voltage from Coax to TV chasis
Outlet checks fine.
Voltage from 110 "hot" side is steady and consistant
Switched to Component
Switched to Composite
Switched to RF modulater
Ran a "hotbox" from the LNB to the back of the IRD.
Open LOS for miles.
Secure Mount.
ODU is 40' away from any power
Cable lines are routed 7' from the closest power conduit

Anyone got any ideas?
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Hmmm, sounds a little strange...

What are your signal strengths on 99(c) and 103(c)?

Are you seeing this on HD or SD or both?

Why the splitter?
94-98's. Accross. SD &HD. 2 way is for another 24 that is currently not active (daughter away from college) line is terminated.
Trying disconnecting phone line now. Hoping its potential difference issue...
do you have complete new coax from end to end. how long does the pixilation last, how far away from an airport are you. house or apartment? how far from a powerstation? have you noticed it does it more with an appliance on such as a microwave, cordless phone? ( some background why I ask about a airport, we had a older woman in our market that almost every tech in the area had been there, job had been completely reworked twice ( just to try for cust satisfaction ), but anyway we had one tech there at 5:30 ( which the customer said it went out at everyday ) and he noticed a plane that went by, dont ask me how or why but we monitored this for a couple days and sure enough this plane went by every day at 530 and is the only thing/reason we could see this happening, like i said dont ask me how or why or any info like plane altitude or anything as i dont know that.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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