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Internet access off the cloud

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I have been reading the forums trying to determine how to make this connection. I want to have internet only in one room on the other side of the home. I have no attic access because the attic has been insulated with spray foam. I have a second wired cck, a pi and a broadband adaptor. I have located the cable run to the room. How do I set this up? Can I have two cck wired adaptors on the same network? My intention is to have a dedicated run to this room and stay off the cloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for your reply! I already have a BB1MR0-01 installed and am using it to provide internet to my 4 DVR's and 2 HD receivers. My intention was to add another BB1MR0-01 to the switch I have attached to my router. I will use a DCA2SR0-01 on the other end of the coax along with a PS18DER0-03 for power. The cat5 cable will be plugged into a switch to run a gaming console and a BD-DVD.

Will this work?
Yes, this is an isolated run to the room.
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