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Internet access off the cloud

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I have been reading the forums trying to determine how to make this connection. I want to have internet only in one room on the other side of the home. I have no attic access because the attic has been insulated with spray foam. I have a second wired cck, a pi and a broadband adaptor. I have located the cable run to the room. How do I set this up? Can I have two cck wired adaptors on the same network? My intention is to have a dedicated run to this room and stay off the cloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What do you mean by a broadband adapter? There are three ways to get the Internet into a DECA cloud: white DECA with a PI connected back to a router, wired CCK, and wireless CCK (which can be connected wirelessly or wired).

Using a CCK or DECA you can attach that to a coax in that room and then connect the ethernet cord from that to a device or a switch. That will give you Internet access in that room. However, any devices connected that way will be accessing the Internet by first going through the DECA cloud.

Just be aware that if you connect to the Internet this way and are heavily accessing your local network or Internet via devices connected at that end, it could have a negative impact on MRV.

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That will work as long as that coax is not connected to the SWM network as Dennis implies in his post. It needs to be a straight run from the one room to the other. If it is a part of the SWM network, forgo the second CCK and just hook up the DECA with the PI.

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