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I've been having internet problems for the past 5-6 months, and am hoping somebody can figure out what's wrong (Time Warner certainly can't).
Original cable line was installed back in 1999 for basic (VERY basic) cable with Adelphia. In 2003, I subscribed to their high speed internet, and everything was fine. I dropped it in 2005 for awhile, and didn't have any internet. Had it reactivated in 2006. Ever since then I have had connection problems.
It can't seem to stay connected to Time Warner. It'll go out, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for hours. Sometimes I'll unplug it, plug it back in, and it'll connect, sometimes not. Everytime I call, there's no outage in my area. They have had tech after tech out here. There's probably been 15 since February. They all say the same thing "Can't find a problem" and of course when they're here, it works fine. Usually they swap out the modem, and it works fine for a couple of weeks, and then back to the problem.
My first thought was the actual cable. I had the last guy out here run brand new cable. That didn't solve the problem. I started thinking maybe it's just the modems they give out, they're not very good. This weekend, I purchased a new modem, Linksys CM100 hoping that would fix the problem. It didn't. It still continues to go off and off, randomly. I thought about asking neighbors if they've had any problem, and everybody else here, that has high speed internet, has DSL, so that didn't help me any.
I know it probably doesn't make any difference, but I have run the modem directly into my computer, bypassing the router, and that didn't make any difference.
Nothing has changed in my setup, and I would imagine it wouldn't be a problem even if it had, because the problem is the modem can't keep it's connection.
Any ideas on how this can be fixed? Unfortunately, it's either Time Warner, or slow 1 Mb down DSL.

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the new cable, was that an overhead drop from the street they replaced, or the interior cable?

that's the only thing I know you could do. If they replaced the o/h drop, replace the cable from the splitter to the modem. replace the wallplate, all of the connectors, splitters; basically, make it new. If this doesn't work, there could be a problem at the cable tap. cable internet is fragile.

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What other devices are connected to your CATV line? Do any televisions exhibit "noise" or a lousy picture?

I'd be looking for something that is feeding garbage back into the cable. I had this problem once when someone connected an OTA antenna and CATV together to a TV. I've also had this problem like this when a filter was improperly installed at the CATV pedestal.

The techs should have a signal meter that measures both the incoming and outgoing signals from the modem.

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I recall reading this somewhere in the forums quite some time ago. It could be too many subscribers on a single feed. Have them check to see how many subscribers are on the line feeding you. It may well be marginal.
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