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This was pulled out of the issues thread as it may need more attention:

JohnSD said:
I am a new DirecTV subscriber; our system has been installed for about 2 weeks now. At that time, I did not realize that a "connection kit" was needed to receive You Tube or other channels. So I ordered one and have been trying to get internet service every since. I have a HR34-700 with a decabb1mr0-01 coming off a splitter. Best I could determine, I needed to connect by "Method 2" because I have a SWiM dish, according to DirecTV online help.

My problem now is that I'm so confused by online reading, with none of the solutions seeming to work for me. My router is in another room, and I have made connection with it wirelessly to the Home Kit access point I ordered. I've tried hooking the decca to the HR34 and to the wireless device (at different times), but regardless of my efforts, I still get the "Internet never connected" message after pressing the 'dash' button on the remote. I'm guessing the problem is something very basic that I don't know a thing about.

Help would be very much appreciated. Pictures work very well for me. As this is my first posting, please forgive me if it's not in the correct forum.

Thanks. :confused:
It's a bit confusing as to what you have.
The decabb1mr0-01 is a non wireless DECA to ethernet device.
This wouldn't be any different than connecting the ethernet cable from the HR34 directly to your router.

"I've tried hooking the decca to the HR34 and to the wireless device"

What is the wireless device?
Does it look like this: http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.as...-Wireless-DECA-Cinema-Connection-Kit-(CCK-W)#

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Yup, agree with VOS. If you have an Ethernet cable in the vicinity of the HR34, just plug that in and the HR34 and all your other receivers will have Internet access. If you don't have one near the HR34, then you'll need to use a DECA of some sort.

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