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Is Dish for me?

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Hello all. This is my first thread to start. I've read several posts concerning this topic, but they don't hit my points.

I have been a DirecTV customer for 12 years. I'm happy with the quality of their products. I have a Slimline Dish and 3 HR-20s. Everything works perfectly.

The only item I'm concerned with is price. Right now I have the DVR Total Choice Plus package + HBO and Showtime. My bill is around $130 per month with the service package, receivers, etc.

I watch very small assortment of channels. Local programming 75% (free OTA), HBO/Showtime series 20%, with lets say 5% other. I watch ESPN, CNN, SciFi, HGTV, TLC and Discovery at times. My wife loves the Food Channel and a couple of others. I love the fact that DirecTv offers so many channels. I just don't watch them. I don't need 250+ channels.

Basically 99% of what we watch is offered by TurboHD Bronze that Dish is offering for $29.99 per month. Adding the premiums, DVRs, service plan, etc. brings the bill to $75-$80 per month according to what I'm reading at Dish's site.

I love DirecTv, but I might love saving $50 per month more. It's enough money to pay for my DSL connection.

It looks like the Dish package might work for me. So here is my question. DirecTv is a known quantity. I'm happy with the service. If I'm happy with the channel reduction, what else would I gain by staying with D* for $50 extra per month. Are Dish's DVRs, Picture Quality, Service, etc. any better or worse? I don't want to regret the switch later. Thanks.
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