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Is Dish for me?

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Hello all. This is my first thread to start. I've read several posts concerning this topic, but they don't hit my points.

I have been a DirecTV customer for 12 years. I'm happy with the quality of their products. I have a Slimline Dish and 3 HR-20s. Everything works perfectly.

The only item I'm concerned with is price. Right now I have the DVR Total Choice Plus package + HBO and Showtime. My bill is around $130 per month with the service package, receivers, etc.

I watch very small assortment of channels. Local programming 75% (free OTA), HBO/Showtime series 20%, with lets say 5% other. I watch ESPN, CNN, SciFi, HGTV, TLC and Discovery at times. My wife loves the Food Channel and a couple of others. I love the fact that DirecTv offers so many channels. I just don't watch them. I don't need 250+ channels.

Basically 99% of what we watch is offered by TurboHD Bronze that Dish is offering for $29.99 per month. Adding the premiums, DVRs, service plan, etc. brings the bill to $75-$80 per month according to what I'm reading at Dish's site.

I love DirecTv, but I might love saving $50 per month more. It's enough money to pay for my DSL connection.

It looks like the Dish package might work for me. So here is my question. DirecTv is a known quantity. I'm happy with the service. If I'm happy with the channel reduction, what else would I gain by staying with D* for $50 extra per month. Are Dish's DVRs, Picture Quality, Service, etc. any better or worse? I don't want to regret the switch later. Thanks.
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I am fairly new so take this with a grain of salt...

From what I have read here the last few days, HD quality between the 2 are virtually the same.

The Dish Network has what is considered the best HD DVR on the market at the moment, VIP722 with a 30sec skip feature.

Customer Service as I have read can be spotty with both companies, depends on "who" you get on the phone (high turnover).

The rest is programing, DirectTV has football which may or may not be a factor.

I am thinking the same thing as you and probably going to switch from my $130 mo cable bill (though $45 of it is internet) to Dish for the Bronze package too...

It just seems like the best deal. There isn't a whole lot of incentive to go Silver (5 more channels 2 of which are sports/football)... Gold has 1-2 channels that I currently watch but I can do with out them for the additional price...
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