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Is Dish Raising Prices?

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Is Dish raising their AT50 pricing? I got a flyer today on my front door from a local Dish retailer advertising AT50 for $33.98/mo including locals. That is $4 more than it should be according to the Dish Network webpage. The flyer is attached.

Anyone heard anything?


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Checking Dish Network's Site....

Digital Home Plan (AT50) = $27.99+$5.99 Locals
1-2-3 Free= $22.99+$5.99 Locals

The digital home plan has your leasing the equipment from Dish, while the 1-2-3 plan has you purchasing the equipment. From all appearances, you would be getting a 301 receiver, not a 501.

Please note that these are new ad slicks and are different from what has been given to you. Language on both ads include wordage that a second dish may be necessary to receive some locals. Also, these are SINGLE RECEIVER PRICING.
Thanks. I wasn't aware there were two different types of plans. I only checked the 1-2-3 pricing.
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