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Front HD Projectors: Really Big Show With Small Price Tag

If you think a 50-inch plasma TV is large, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Imagine watching a movie or
sporting event on a giant screen stretching 100 inches or more diagonally. You can do just that
with a front projector, with no sacrifice in picture quality. The best high-definition (HD) projectors
rival plasma TVs for excellent image quality and price.

As with other types of TVs, falling prices are the big news. Our latest tests turned up some fine
HD projectors that sell for $2,000 or so. You'll see some models selling for less than half that,
but don't be fooled. These are typically lower-resolution projectors that are mostly suitable for
business use. They won't provide the detailed, big-screen TV images most home viewers want.

More @ ConsumerReports.com

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I more or less considered a front projector last year, but then realized there was no place to hang it in our great room (19 foot ceiling). Settled on a 55 inch Sony RP LCD instead.
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