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Is Golf Channel now a part of AT-200?

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The Golf Channel has been in the clear on my AT-200 subscription for some time now. It's not listed on the free preview channel, and it does not "behave" like a channel in free preview mode on my 622 (i.e. any channel in preview mode will not stay on if I turn off the 622 and then back on, it jumps to ch 101 every time on a preview channel while regularly subbed channels stay on when the receiver is turned back on).
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Thanks. I wonder why they did not have a press release about the channel being moved into AT-200?
I'm hopefull this move relates to the launching of several Comcast HD networks Dec. 8. As an HD Absoulte customer, I miss The Soup. But knowing Dish, who knows.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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