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jyafink said:
First of all, I am now a D* subscriber (not quite since the install is next week). When I signed up today the CSR recommended that I wait 30 days before adding an extra HD-DVR because the cost would be $199 when I signed up, but they frequently offer a much better deal to existing customers (which happens officially after 30 days) who upgrade. Is that true? If so, my thought is what will be the charge for the multi-switch I would need if I wait 30 days? I assume the switch would be free for the initial install but would cost something if I add it later? Anyone have any experience with this issue? Thank you.
Get everything you want installed the first time around.

As a (soon to be) short time customer, you'll most likely get hit with additional installation charges. You very well may end up pay as much, if not more than the $199 to get the HD DVR now.

Do it right the first time.
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