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Is it possible to clear nvram too much?

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Have a friend that says the Pandora update slowed his HR22 down quite a bit. I asked him of he'd tried clearing nvram, I'd given him the sequence once. He responded "daily".

If he is really doing this every day, is there a point where there isn't a zero result (no speed increase), but to a detriment? I'm wondering if he's causing himself more issues clearing it as often as he is. I've heard of some clearing it weekly, but never daily.
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Well, Grandma said it would make me go blind, but I compromised and only did it until I needed glasses.
There's a reason that things get cached so constantly clearing it makes the receiver access everything new each time. This is why it's not documented anywhere for the average customer to use when troubleshooting. It should be done for specific reasons.
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