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I have an older HR20-700 that may be dying, and I need some advice.

*** Note that I mistyped the model number on the thread title. I have an "original" HR20-700 ***

1. I have 3 D* DVRs, WWDVR. This is the only unit with an issue.
2. Watching recorded material from the other DVRs works fine.
3. When I watch live TV on this DVR, the picture pixelates and I occasionally lose audio. This pixelization is like the old "Green Slime" we all saw a few years ago, but there's no green per se - rather, it's big and blotchy.
4. Signal strength is fine.
5. I once reset the entire unit, and it worked fine for a while.

I'm planning to run a "Level 2" test today.

I'm thinking the drive is dying. If so, would you just add an ESATA drive? If not, what are you thinking?

Thanks so much!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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