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Is My Memory Failing Me

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or did the last go-round between DirecTv and the FCC provide that *D could carry an out-of-market channel into a local DMA providing that the channel was available to residents either via OTA or from the local competitive cable company?

If so, how does one go about getting that channel from*D?
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D* has yet to offer more than a handful of the the significantly viewed channels yet....I'm waiting for them to add the Detroit locals here as sig viewed....
That's a discussion around 2 things:

1) Capacity/bandwidth (The new D11 sat will help a bit on that, and supposedly at least 1 more LIL will be added to the regular stable per market

2) The whole must-carry regulation that DirecTV (and Dish) are fighting, which means they have to carry both the SD and HD clocal channels. That fight is not over yet. In any case, that requirement could either tie up or free up bandwidth.
hdtvfan0001, The SV channel issue I dont think has anything to do with either of those things. If D* already offers the channels and you are within the spot beam, all they would have to do is authorize your receivers to get them. It takes no more bandwidth to offer SV's if they are already being offered to your neighboring DMA.

My scenario is a good example, Lansing is 30 miles north, Detroit is 70 miles east, cable offers locals from both DMA's to all subscribers. Jackson is well within the spot beam for the detroit locals, on top of all that, Detroit is an HD LiL market, Lansing is not being offered as of yet, so I pull in Lansing HD via antenna...but alas Lansing has no CW in HD, Detroit does....
I misunderstood based on the OP description....I thought he was referring to other channels in the market, such as PBS HD, CW HD, etc. My bad. :(
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