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Is there a AT&T DSL and D* Bundle Available in Chicago?

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This was off topic in another thread, so I thought I'd ask on it's own. I live in Chicago, and besides being a current D* customer I am also an existing AT&T DSL customer. I am hearing rumblings from some that you can bundle these two services together onto one bill, and receive a monthly discount on one or both services for bundling. My understanding is the one bill comes from your DSL provider. If that's true, I also wonder if you sign up for paperless billing on D*'s website if you could still see all the account detail.

Is anyone in Chicago currently doing this or able to shed light on the subject? It may be different for different areas of the country. Several calls to both D* and AT&T have yielded little information. Both have basically told me it doesn't exist, but others on the board have said they're doing it. AT&T said they're partnered up with dish, D* once told me Verizon was their local provider (even though it's not available here as far as I can tell) and another CSR told me it's only for new AT&T DSL subscribers. I've supposedly spoken to their Telco group, so that didn't clear it up any.

Since I've already got both and am planning to keep both, if there's some sort of bundled package available I wouldn't mind a little monthly discount to help out these days.
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