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Actually, my need goes a little further. I have a Vizio 37" HD TV and it works great. The primary media source is our Comcast HD box, not the DVR type, its the very tiny black box, not a lot bigger than an Apple TV, interfaces via HDMI. The comcast box works fine, and Comcast gives you a programable (?) remote with it that allows you to access Volume Up/Down, turn the TV on/off, and of course, select channels. This box does not provide a guide so you basically learn the numbers of the channels you like and punch them in when needed.

OK, so I just got a Google Chromecast USB stick, and to actuate it, you must select a different HDMI port, and then "cast" from your iPhone or iPad the source you'd like to see on the screen. Primarily we'll be using Netflix, so rather than fumble with an iPhone, the Vizio Remote, and then the Comcast Remote, I was wondering if I have any alternatives that are known to work with this combo. Heck, I'd love to use the comcast or visio remote only, and I know that the iPhone is a requirement for Chromecasting. Unless there's a iPhone/iPad App that simulates a real programable TV remote that could do everything, I guess I'd like to just find one remote that would negate the other two and work with the iPhone.

As always... thanks in advance for any advice!
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