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Is there some way that I can print out a COMPLETE list of channels?

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I'd like to spend some time pruning down and working with my favorites list.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can easily review the channels while in the favorites list to see whether you're subscribed to it or not. (Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems a bit short sighted on DTV's part).

So what I'd like to do is start out with a hardcopy printed list of channels in numerical order, and then tune through them one-by-one, crossing the ones I don't get or don't want in my favorites list.

Then I would have a map to create my favorites list from.

I can't seem to find a printable list like this on Directv's website. Does anyone here have any advice on this?

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numerical order... nope...
but there is a pdf with the packages separated on Directv site (unfortunately in alpha order)

Go to D*'s website. Click on the TV schedule. Copy the schedule and paste it into your favorite word processor. It will give you the channels in numerical order with the "call letters" and the next two hours of programming. You can delete the programming, and you'll be left with the channels in numerical order.

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