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Is this a good deal? esata

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I was at the local bb and they have the 1tb studio edition western digital esata for under 250.
Is this a decent unit to add to my hr21 700 (stock).
I know little about these things and have been wanting to upgrade capacity for a few months now.
ANy thoughts will be appreciated.
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I don't know about that one but I just got a Cavalry 1 TB from newegg.com for $194.99 w/ free shipping. I've had it for 2 days now and it is working fine with my HR21-700.


I have two FreeAgent Pro 750's that work fine with my HR20's but I've read on this site that the FreeAgent Pro doesn't work with the HR-21.

Edit: If the Best Buy hard drive is a "My Book" be aware that those have been reported in the eSATA thread as not working with DVR's. See the thread here (look somewhere around Nov / Dec 2007 for the reported problems):

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