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Is this a LNB problem

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I have had a new KA/KU slimline installed for about 2 weeks. The past few days I have a problem not being able to tune to certain channels.

I did a signal strength test on two different recievers and on each sat.

On my old direct tivo when you do a signal test, it will go to the sat a transponder you were trying to watch. I have found that I have a problem with transponder 19 on 101. It comes and goes. When it is there, I have a signal of about 85 to 90, when it is out, I have 0. Also transponder 1 on 101 sometimes goes to 0 and sometimes is 85-90.

When the transponder reads 0 I have problems on certain channels. Also, when changing channels, sometimes the system pauses and I get a searching for signal message and then a few seconds later it might find the signal and it might not.

It does this on both my direct tivo and my H20. Most other transponders on 101 are 85-90.

I do not have any external switches.

This system worked flawlessly on the old 3 lnb dish.

Do I have a bad LNB?

I would think that the alignment is good because of the other transponders getting such good readings on same sat.
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Have you tried swapping cables from the dish around? How are the signal strengths for the other satellites?
Yes, and on different receivers.

The other sats are fine as best I can tell. All the channels that are bad are on the 101 and seem to be tied to the 17 and 19 transponder from looking at the transponder map.

My area does not seem to use 99 and 103 so don't know if they work 100% or not.

I get some HD on 110 and they all work fine

I get locals and some more HD on 119 and they all work fine.

Is the tripple LNB on 99,101,103 bad?

Seems strange that only 2 transponders have this issue if it was alignment. Would not all of them have problems if it was alignment?
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Since the dish is new, I'd call the installers back to check it out.

And yes, two TPs having a problem can't be alignment.
D* has them scheduled for tommorrow morning but I want to have my ducks in a row and my knowledge hat on for expected "I don't see anything wrong, must be the weather" spill that I know he is going to give me.
I've seen this problem happen with both a bad lnb (once) and corroded connectors (a few times).
Just an update, the tech came out and saw my notes on what was going on here. He never questioned the fact that the tripple LNB on the slimline was bad so he replaced the entire 5 lnb head.

All is well now.

I wonder if this had anything to do with why my original HR20 was getting stuck on the 1 of 2 bootup screen?
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