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Is this possible on one account?

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Right now my son in Southern California has the following on one Dish account:
Leg 1 - 501 receiver wtih 3 TV's
Leg 2 - 501 with one TV
Leg 3 - 301 with one TV
Leg 4 - 301 with two TV's

On Legs 1 & 3 the extra TV's must watch the same show.

He wants to change leg 1 to a 622 with a HD TV as tv1 and two other tvs as tv2 (the 2 on tv two will watch the same show).

Will Dish allow this on his one account?
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CABill said:
DISH does have a rule that prevents more than 4 LEASED tuners on an account. If you (he) were planning to get the 622 as an existing customer Lease upgrade (DIU) for $199, you'd only be able to have two other LEASED single tuner receivers on the account.
But you can own additional receivers.:)
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