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Issue with new HD locals

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Just began receiving my HD locals on wednesday. I'm in the Toledo DMA. CBS, NBC and FOX seem to work great however, there is an issue with ABC ( WTVG13).

During primetime last night (Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy) i would notice slight "skips" or "stutters" in the picture. These video stutters appeared to throw the audio off. What started as a slight lip-sync issue when you first tuned in would become a 3+ second lip sync issue.

The interesting thing was that if you hit pause for a couple seconds then play on the remote, the problem would go away and everything was great. If you recorrded programming, the play back would also have no sign of the problems. in other words, the issue described ony existed when watching the show live.

Am I best off to contact D* or ABC13 regrading this? The problem was on both my TV's one a HR20-700 the other a HR21-700.
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Good Grief. E-mailed D* about this issue and got back a canned response about doing a red button reset :( I'm no techy but it certainly doesn't seem like an issue with both my receivers :( Can't they awknowledge there might be an issue with their or ABC's transmission since they'vo only been doing it all less then 36 hours. I was just trying to clue them into the issue :nono2:

For the sake of being sure it isn't a signal issue is there anywhere I can go to figure out what transponder on 99 or 103 the Toledo ABC channel is on?
Many times after they light up new HD channels, there are little problems with them for a few days, but will go away after they are fine tuned. This could be just that.
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