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I got on the waiting list abou Dec 1st-ish. About 3 days later I got a call to call DirecTV and I can now order one, and did ($300.)
The install date, however, was Dec 21st. They came out and installed one.
At the time I attempted to order 2, but was told I'd have to wait 6 months to order another due to demand.
On Dec 27th, I went to DirecTV's site and there was a link to order an HR20 for $200. I was surprised when it put my order through.
I called DirecTV to ask them to send it to me rather than schedule an install date (as I already had lines and a dish) and they refused, said an installer must deliver it.
I got SUPER lucky and got an install date 2 days later (yesterday morning.) After about 15 mins the installer was gone and I had my 2nd one up and running.

I have 2 more DVRs to replace with HD DVRs. I noticed Circuit City just got them back on circuitcity.com for $300. But since I got my last one for $200 on DirecTV.com, I'm going to hold out a while and see if I can get another for that price eventually.
After I ordered the 2nd one, the link for the HR20 went away. I guess I'll just have to keep checking back periodically until the site puts the link back up for me to order another. Or break down and order one through CCity or BBuy.
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