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It's July 12th. Where's NGC?

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As of 7am CST this morning no NGC. Is there a special time they turn it on? I'm really looking forward to seeing this channel. Also, TiVo's channel list was updated last night to include NGC and DHD. That's pretty good timing on Tribune/TiVos end.
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Channel usually come on in the afternoon at about 5 PM EDT or earlier. I have seen a channel come on at 12 PM EDT.

What is DHD?
Originally posted by Keith S
Channel usually come on in the afternoon at about 5 PM EDT or earlier. I have seen a channel come on at 12 PM EDT.

What is DHD?
That would probably be Discovery HD; the real deal instead of the demo?
Like you can record Discovery HD on a Tivo. :D

(well I guess you could if you downconverted the video)
Some times when E* adds a channel it wont show up on some receivers right away, so you'll have to pull the card. I think I only experienced this once a few years ago when E* added Style.
What a bummer... for a few hours anyway. I remember that DirecTV used to start new channels in the early morning . Oh well. I waited this long....I guess I can wait a bit more.
I checked its on ch 186
One would think new channels would be a part of the 3 a.m. download. I just pulled my smartcard and....

...getting 5 min d/l


...still waiting

....about 1 minute to go


Ta-da, ka-ching!!!! Yippee!!! Hooray!!!

I now have NTGEO on 186!!!!



[Post-inaugural edit]

It's BEAUTIFUL -- except for the bright
yellow bug that greatly distracts the
eye and detracts from the beauty of
the picture.

Already complaining, never satisfied.

Oh well
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Yep I got it too, Hmm right now it looks more like the Nasa Channel :D
No way, Steve! NGC has real actual perfessional TV programming -- so far.

The bug is big enough to be a PiP window. It looks like the yellow 'click-here' highlight on the Dishplayer. Oh God, will I ever get used to it??? It ruins the picture for me. Maybe if I tape a piece of black paper over it...

Looks like they are doing the 3 hr repeat programming cycle like some of the Disc. channels. Uh-oh, paid programming from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. :eek:
Im suprised NGC hasnt removed the bug, dont they know that can cause burn ins.
Is the bug on the bottom right. The FOX burn in on the left was looking so lonely, it needs a friend. :)
Right. Bottom right.

Reminiscent of the old History channel bug - it was huge!

I've been trying to sample some of the
NGC programming, but all I can see is
the big ugly yellow bug. Can someone
please tell me what the current program
is about? :D
Any NGC email addresses that we can start a campaign to reduce/get rid of it?

James, she keeps running .... but doesn't get any closer. :):):)
She's running on a virtual treadmill. :D

James, have you given her a name...yet???

I'm glad to have NGC but I really want my locals....... Oh well, let me get back to watching that lady run under James' name.....
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Ouch! That's a Texas size bug. Static, not transparent. That's going to hurt some peoples TV. I thought I saw it fade out, but maybe it was a commercial break.
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