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I recently contacted my local NBC WLBT in Jackson, MS about getting a waiver so I could get a HD feed from NY. This is the response I got.

Waivers are granted by a computer screening process. You are automatically denied if any one of the following are met:

Address is in the coverage area of local station

Cable is available

Local stations are offered on satellite

DirecTV has an agreement to carry WLBT in HD. Dish satellite is already carrying WLBT in HD. DirecTV is way behind in offering local channels in HD.

Dan Modisett

Vice President and General Manager


715 S. Jefferson St.

Jackson, MS 39201

601-948-3333 Station

601-965-7505 Fax

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I sent the below to Robert Mercer (found his address on release update on D* websites

From: Clay Thornorn [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 1:13 PM
To: Mercer, Robert G
Subject: Jackson ms

When are we getting our Local HD channels? Just curious as to whats the hold up?

Sorry for the slow response. We're working on it and hope to launch in Q4 of this year. Takes a lot of time to sort out the capacity (bandwidth) issues, put the equipment - including fiber optic lines - in place to make it happen. We appreciate your business…and your patience. Robert

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I wonder if I'd be able to get a waiver from WLBT.

Directv doesn't carry our local NBC in SD or HD, so it supplies us WLBT in SD, but not HD. Why wouldn't I be able to get an HD DNS? I can't get my local NBC over the air because the broadcasting station is in Lake Charles, which is a good 90 minutes away; and tough to get through the thick trees.

Very bizarre situation.
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