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Java Strikes Again!

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In its ongoing pursuit of the prize as worst tested software for the internet Java has done it again!

There was a JAVA update this week and now when I open Internet Explorer I get an Internet Explorer Security warning before the home page (Google) even comes up. I also get a warning every time I click a link in dbstalk.com.

I realize that I can customize the settings to ignore this and keep it from happening... but what am I doing if I do? Is it safe?

And explain to me why the idiots at Java would design such an update and fail to address the issues? I dont think it is possible they didn't check this out.

Updating: So far, dbstalk has frozen 4 times on me since I did the update. Screen just freezes, cant do anything except end task.
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First off +1 on Firefox.

I thought that prize for the worst went to windows, or Dish, or DirecTV.. Well regressing here.

How do you know it is Java and from what I know about how the Java Plug in works, it is not invoked until asked for so clicking on a link should not result in the Java plug-in to be triggered. (In theory ofcourse)

What version of IE and what version of the java is installed? Have you googled on this version and the version of IE to see if there are any other reported issues with the upgrade?

I have the 1.5 installed on my system and don't see any issues. I suggest given a google a try and see if others are having the same issues.
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