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Hi, I modified a DynamicDrive JavaScript game for my page. I put it up at http://members.truepath.com/tiggerfan/games.html and I'd like it if ya'll could try it out and tell me if you're having trouble getting the difficulty level setting to work, and if so if you know how to fix it (of course, feel free to report any other bugs...)


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Anybody? (Specifically Opera users, I'm having the problems in Opera mainly)
Works fine in IE and Mozilla... Don't have Opera...

I'll try it on Macintosh later, but I would assume it works just as well...
Yup, it works fine for me in IE and Mozilla also. Sometimes it works in Opera, sometimes you have to click the buttons for difficulty a few times, then it works, sometimes it seems to work but the X and O images only load half-way or so.
Admin request....

Can we give Mark his own forum so he can solicit help on his webpage in just one forum? Seems like half of his posts now are either looking for help or trying to get people to his website.
WHAT????? I've made ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO posts. At MOST TWENTY TWO of those are connected to my website. And isn't the computer talk forum for asking about computers (just like Steve asking about image editing in it.) I asked a question about JavaScript. I did not post an ad for my site.
And to make you, Mr. Avatar-stealer, even happier I just shortened my sig.
Geez, don't take things so literal. I said it "seems" like half are about your website.

BTW, nice new avatar! Someone stole your old one? :eek: ;)
Now do you have any ideas why Opera doesn't seem to like my poor little JavaScript, avatar-stealer?
Well, it worked fine under IE, no problems at all. I've never used Opera, so I can't help you there.

Hey....wait a minute....that was just a trick to get me to go to the website! :bang

No, it wasn't. And if you used Opera you might have been lucky enough to see why I was asking in the COMPUTER TALK forum for COMPUTER help. :) Besides, if I was going to trick you to visit, it would be to the links page or the index page (the KidPlanet index, not the GalaxyM index) - because that's where I get link exchange credits from:) (I'm not mean enough to put a banner on every page - yet)
Originally posted by JBKing
Chill man, Joke!

Actually, perusing your sites, it's looks pretty good. Nice job!
Thanks. I just wish my little game worked RELIABLY in Opera!
Oh, and I almost forgot about my other Opera JavaScript question for any of you - look at ANY of the KidPlanet pages (but not HomeTech yet:( ) and you'll see a logo in the bottom right-hand corner (designed to look like a TV bug, it's semi-transparent in Mozilla). But Opera doesn't show this. Is this a problem with my script? Or with Opera?
Don't take this the wrong way, but who cares about Opera? If they have 1% of all browser traffic i'd be surprised. As long as it works with IE or Netscape, I wouldn't worry about it. Opera has always had trouble with Javascript. For one site I had to program a whole seperate page for Opera because the owner used it. I'd look at the logs over the course of 6 months and he was the only person using Opera on the site....
But remember, Opera comes set to ID itself as Internet Explorer (a feature I HATE because I can't know who's using Opera) - therefore, many more could have been using Opera than you knew about.
True, but why care? IE is that web standard now, so why try and work older browsers in. Mozilla seems to support most of the standards out there that IE does so pages render correctly.

This is how I detect Opera 6...

if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera 6")!=-1)

The first line detects opera if its not set as "Opera". Meaning that if you are emulating IE/Mozilla or others it will detect it. But you need the second line to detect when the user has it set as "Opera". I know that will make sense you Mark.
Oh, I agree in that sense. I design all my pages with Mozilla in mind, as it offers the most design features - and with AOL switching over, a LOT more people will be using it soon. I make sure the pages look acceptable in IE and Opera. It's just I'd still like them to look as good as possible in Opera. Also, I need to go out and buy myself a hardware modem so I can check out how they look in Konqueror
I'm not saying don't test them in Opera, just I've never been able to get some JavaScript pages to work in Opera that work in Mozilla/IE... :shug:
Mark, I agree with James. 1% of your potential audience is just not worth it. Better to use your time creating more content that will drive more people to your site.
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